Algotherm-a marine plant-based line from France

Seaweed: a phenomenal plant at the core of our products

Exceptionally rich in bioactive molecules
Each species of seaweed has a unique composition of bioactive molecules: Vitamins, micronutrients, minerals, antioxidants, proteins, amino acids and essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6 and 9).
It is this unique DNA that gives each one their individual properties and powerful effects on the skin. This immense bio-diversity is the cornerstone of our marine cosmetics: Algotherapy. We use the vital properties of seaweed to treat your skin and body.

Unique osmosis with your skin
Seawater and seaweed have unique similarities, in terms of composition, to human blood plasma. This bio-similarity, coupled with the natural phenomenon of osmosis, enables the Ingredients contained in seaweed to be transported deep into your cells, in just the right doses and in perfect affinity with your skin and body.

Fascinated by the oceans and their numerous wealth, the team Algotherm took up the challenge to be the first brand in marine cosmetics to formulate paraben and phenoxyethanol free products.

Finally, Algotherm products are subject to different tests of tolerance and efficiency, realized by independent laboratories, a guarantee of transparency. These tests allow to guarantee the safety and the quality of our products.

Products tested under dermatological control.
Active ingredients 100 % made of marine and vegetable origin.
Algotherm respects the environment and the marine ecosystem.


We are proud to present our Algotherm treatments:

Algotherm Brightening & Oxygenating Facial  (60 mins)    $1300

This deep-cleansing natural algae- based treatment reaches deep into the pores to heal and protect the skin from free radicals and pollutants. This facial is excellent for people living in busy cities or who travel frequently. The incredible relaxing treatment improves circulation, helps rid of pigmentation or dark spots, and brings oxygen to the skin to restore its vital energy and leaves the face looking radiant.


Algotherm marine cares slimming / anti cellulite /drainage massage (60 mins) $900

Each additional 15 mins $250

A naturally slimmer, firmer, more toned body. Algae is our source of inspiration. It is widely known for its slimming and firming effectiveness, and we have developed a skin care offer designed to treat your figure. . After a targeted diagnosis, your therapist will guide you, recommending the care program best suited to your body type, needs and goals. Water retention is greatly reduced after one session. For effective results in slimming, reducing cellulite, and firming, your therapist can recommend the ideal course of sessions for you.

This leg and hips-specific care combines a manual massage to stimulate circulation with a cryogenic gel wrap with our slimming complex. It instantly and lastingly relaxes and eases heavy legs. Drains toxins,resolves water retention issues, counters cellulite and improves circulation

Treatment includes:

  • Gentle Marine Body Scrub
  • Slimming/anti-cellulite/drainage massage with Body activating Serum Gel
  • Silhouette Gel Wrap + Firming Complex
  • Silky Tightening Cream


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