Tibetan KunYe Massage with warm compress

Tibetan KunYe Massage with warm compress

Tibetan Medicine is one of humanity’s great ancient natural medicinal traditions with a comprehensive, holistic perspective that addresses the body, energy system, and mind. A traditional healing treatment is the Tibetan Kunye Massage with warm compress.  

What is Kunye?

Kunye is the ancient form of massage therapy taught in Traditional Tibetan Medicine

The term Kunye comes from two Tibetan words: “ku” means applying oil, and “nye” means to perform massage. So fundamentally, Kunye means “applying massage with oil”.  

The Three Stages of Kunye Massage

There are three basic stages to a traditional Kunye Massage. These are: “applying oil, massaging in, wiping off.”

Tibetan Kunye Massage with a heat compress is an ancient method of providing relaxation, stress relief, energy, remedy for insomnia, and provide general improved mind and health. It is a very relaxing and effective therapy. 

With our Tibetan KunYe massage, heated poultices filled with herbs and spices are used.  Poultices are soaked in warm oil before being applied to the body.  For best results, we use heavy, sweet natured oils such as sesame oil or coconut oil. Interestingly, in the mountains of Tibet, clarified dri (female yak) butter is used, and is believed to have fantastic therapeutic properties.

We choose the type of oil to based on each individual’s constitution and symptoms, as well as factors such as the weather, local environment and other conditions.  The warm poultices—when combined with a targeted massage—relieves tension and eases tightness from the body. Extra attention is paid to the hands, feet, head, and the “special points” described in the classical texts of Tibetan Medicine. Kunye Massage generally starts slow and gentle, working up to more vigorous action and deeper work on key muscles and specific points. Kunye also employs techniques of assisted stretching and joint mobilization. 

At the end of the session, the excess oil is wiped off with warm wet towels.

Tibetan massage with heated compress:

75 minutes $980,  each additional 15 min $300

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