Karma Organic Nail Polish

Available exclusively at Iyara Hollywood Road Spa


Karma Organic Nail Polish Removers are non toxic and don’t contain harsh chemicals and foul odors.  Our nail polish removers not only smell wonderful, they also work to nourish your nail beds while they remove the polish.

Karma Organic Nail Polish Removers are acetone-free, cruelty-free, free of petroleum ingredients, and non-carcinogenic. They are based on soybean oil derived from American farm crops and are eco-friendly, packaged in a 100% recyclable glass bottle. They remove all nail polishes, not just Karma Organic brand.

Our Nail Polish Remover Ingredients:

• Propylene Carbonate – An odorless, colorless liquid used as a solvent
• Soybean Oil Methyl Exter – Used as a solvent in liquid separations
• Tocopheryl Acetate – Also known as Vitamin E, common vitamin supplement and a great antioxidant for the skin

Karma Organic Nail Polishes

This line of nail polishes are free of TPHP and contain no toluene, formaldehyde or DBP, making them safe for pregnant women, kids of all ages, cancer patients, and allergy sufferers. There are no harmful chemicals that remain in your body, unlike typical nail polish, and Karma Organic nail polish does not have a harsh odor like most polishes.

Polishes are chip-resistant, durable, and non-yellowing.

Karma Organic believes in the preservation of the beauty of the natural world and their products are cruelty-free, never tested on animals. Their eco-friendly packaging is 100% recyclable.

Toxic chemicals from nail polish have been found in women’s bodies hours after a manicure or pedicure. You can read up on the study here. Karma Organic nail polish contains none of these toxins, ensuring our products are healthy for both you and the environment.

Our Nail Polish Ingredients:

  • Butyl Acetate – organic compound used as a solvent in the production of lacquers
  • Ethyl Acetate – organic compound; colorless liquid used as a solvent in flavorings and perfumes
  • Nitrocellulose – a fiber used for viscosity
  • Isopropyl Alcohol – dissolves nitrocellulose
  • Adipic Acid/Fumaric Acid/ Phthalic Acid/Tricyclodecane Dimethanol Copolymer – soluble in water, alcohol, and acetone
  • Titanium Dioxide – the naturally occurring oxide of titanium, mined from the earth
  • Ferric Ammonium Ferrocyanide – a salt used in making blue pigments
  • Mica – made from sand
  • Iron Oxides – a principle ingredient in pigments ranging from yellow through red, and from purple through black
  • Tin Oxides – a polishing agent
  • May Also Contain: Acetyl Tributyl, Stearalkonium Hectorite or Citric Acid

Enjoy the toxin-free, guilt-free beauty of Karma Organic nail polish. Made in the USA.