Lash extensions

Our tips on making your lash extensions last longer

  1. Sleep on your back.

This is essential especially on new extensions as the glue takes a while to dry fully and you’ll otherwise get weird kinks. After a night or two, resume your normal sleeping position.

  1. Gentle make-up removal

When removing your eye makeup (liner, shadow, etc.), gently go over the area with a cleansing wipe instead of placing cotton pads or puffs over your lid. Avoid oil-free formulas—anything with PEG (Polyethylene Glycol), Hexalene Glycol, Butylene or Propylene Glycol—can break down the lash adhesive and cause you to lose lashes more quickly

  1. Oil

Oil helps keep the extensions flexible. Just rub a drop of coconut oil on them with your fingers,

  1. Comb out

To prevent any criss-crossing lashes, use a spoolie wand. Close one eye, place the spoolie on top of your lashes, then roll the brush over lashes to keep them defined.

  1. Resist playing with extensions

Your eyelashes shed naturally, so when you have extensions, this will help push them off. If an extension looks out of place, avoid playing with it or twisting or pulling it off — you’ll risk losing your natural lashes. Let them come out on their own, and use a spoolie to brush them back into place in the meantime.

  1. Avoid direct shower

When taking showers, avoid having the water spray directly onto your eyes. The force of the shower can weaken the bond of the extensions.


Consider having a touch up on your original set of lash extensions after 10 days to 2 weeks. Please inquire with our front desk for pricing.